...And we get really excited about looking outside of the brand bubble for real-life cues that have a serious impact on your brand's acceptance, sell-in and sell-through. 

We act on what matters most. Kovner & Company identifies what's most important to your best customers, regardless of whether they are wholesale, retail, direct or distribution. Then we find out where each of your key audiences priorities intersect. All strategy is built on these findings. We call it the Intersection of Interests™, and it's a proprietary tool available exclusively to Kovner & Company clients. 

The Intersection of Interests...

  • Provides a roadmap

  • Identifies "gotta have" versus "nice to have"

  • Optimizes budget

  • Contains time and money invested

  • Increases effectiveness and ROI



Kovner & Company will design strategy tied to business objectives.

We will create benchmarks to ensure day-to-day activity supports strategic and revenue goals.

We will evaluate and refine on an as-needed basis.

We will be 100% transparent, even when no one else will. 

We will not be paycheck-players. We are entrepreneurial at heart, in mind and in practice. 

We will respect your business as if it's our own...because without your success, we have no business. 




The Core Team

We work with clients as executive consultants, strategists and tactical implementation experts. Our engagement ranges from project and retainers to acting as clients' marketing, tech and sales departments. Kovner & Company prides itself on its long-term client relationships, some of whom have worked with us for 4 years or more...far exceeding the industry average of less than 2 years.

Clients stay with Kovner & Company because of our passion, commitment and dedication to growing their business day in and day out. 

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Lisa Kovner
Unique Blend of
Creative-Type & Strategist, 
Photographic Storyteller

Ashley Wiley
Content Creator, Community Builder, Marketing Maven,
Carpool Karaoke Aficionado

Chief Morale Officer,
Deliverer of Smiles,
Consumer of Treats,
Chaser of Balls


Kovner & Company's core team drives your account forward every day.

We're able to keep our rates accessible due to our decision to implement a contingency workforce of subject-matter experts. This means you get only the best you need at the time you need it. Your budget is optimized because you don't pay for resources you don't need.